BMT: Folding (Female) Undergarments

I was not too pleased to wake up this morning and find that this video hadn’t uploaded during the middle of the night, but the crisis averted!  We’re up and ready to go, early in the morning!  Part 4 in our series on Rolling and Folding covers female undergarments, including sports bras and underwear, and touches upon regular bras.  I don’t know the procedures for folding male undergarments, but I would imagine folding men’s briefs wouldn’t be that much different.
folding clothes military

Featured here are those magical
Under Armour Active Hipsters I’ve been telling you about.  I’m not receiving any compensation from them for promoting their products, nor is this an affiliate link, but mark my words – these panties pass inspections.  Have fun!


  • Tarynsaid

    I won't lie, Drewby busted up laughing when he saw this. I shot him the stink eye and reminded him I've seen his tighty whities.

  • Mrs Duhsaid

    Ah, my MTI husband always complains about how the ladies under garments are so impossible to fold properly! I'm glad to see that there are some that are easier to fold than others. For MTI's everywhere, thanks for putting the info out there!

  • Erinsaid

    @aims – You shouldn't have an issue with them, as long as they cover your butt! You could always wear them and buy regular ones to keep in your drawer if your MTI opposes.

  • Kelseysaid

    Do you keep all of your undergarments folded in your drawer? Or is it like the towel where you can just leave one pair folded perfectly and use the others? I have some sports bras that I wear that are padded and not the easiest material to keep folded.

  • Erinsaid

    @amber stanley – Not a problem!@Alexis Hayward – Not necessarily, if it's comfortable/supportive for you! I'd pick two that fold easily and leave those in your drawer at all times, and then wear the padded ones (you'll just need two or three). Try folding the padded ones and see how they do.

  • Arielsaid

    I leave in a month for BMT, and I was wondering if it would be worth it to get a few of the UA HeatGear sports bras? Or should I just get "normal" ones?

  • Erinsaid

    @Ariel – I left in the summer and was focused on anything that was moisture wicking, so I would be comfortable. As for bras, go for something that is supportive and comfortable for you – you'll have some LONG days!

  • Abigail Avilasaid

    Hi Erin! I leave for basic in a month, and I think you mentioned it in the video but.. Will we have to put our name on our bras and underwear? Thanks!

  • Erinsaid

    @Wesley Miller – I did, but that's the nature of the beast, right? If you're used to wearing a thong, it's not a big deal. Bound to happen with as active as you are down there.