BMT: The Airman’s Coin

This is it folks, the pièce de résistance at BMT, the Airman’s Coin!  It doesn’t matter if you enlisted as an E-3, E-2, or E-1, or if your address says “AB” in front of it and that’s what your mommy’s calling you on AF Wingmoms.  Until you hit Thursday afternoon in your 8WOT, you are a trainee.  Call yourself an Airman to an MTI – dare you!  You are a trainee up until this coin is in your hand.  At that point, you may officially and rightfully refer to yourself as an Airman.  
photo airman's coin replacement
Coin in hand, you’ve earned the title.  You’ll understand when you hit that point.  Airmen are fiercely protective of that title – you have to pay your dues, like everyone else.  There is nothing more satisfying than hearing your MTI congratulate you after a long, hard eight and a half weeks, shaking your hand, and presenting you with your Airman’s Coin.  You’ll only get one of these coins in your career, so don’t lose it.  Chase the dream, future trainees!  
air force honor graduate coin

The Airman’s Coin replacement this coin measures 1-9/16″ in diameter.  The front (above) features a raised Hap Arnold logo, the Air Force Core Values, and the birth year of the AF.  The back (below) recognizes that you’ve just become an Airman and has the modern AF logo in the center.


  • Sethsaid

    I am prior enlisted, and I joined the Air Force in 1998. When did this tradition start?Also, would it be offensive to you (or others who received the coin after the tradition started) to purchase one on eBay or something else? Why or why not?

  • Erinsaid

    @Seth – I'm not entirely sure; I'd have to poke around to get that information for you. I don't feel that it would be offensive at all, if you were able to find and locate one for purchase. There have been numerous folks that have reached out to me that have lost theirs and looked around for a replacement, without much luck. You earned the title of Airman, and I would have no issue at all with someone like yourself acquiring a coin. Thank you for your service!