Happy Halloween!

Super HOOAH pumpkin!

I can’t take credit for that beyond fabulous pumpkin above, but I can wish you and yours a Happy Halloween!  This is the first Halloween that DH and I have been together since we’ve been married.  He’s here reminding me that we have spent the holiday together, but that was back when we were just dating.  I’m not a huge Halloween person, but I do enjoy passing out candy, carving pumpkins, and watching some Charlie Brown!  I hope you’re enjoying the fun festivities of the season!

This one I actually DID do!

I’m a 31 year old Navy sister, Army wife - Air Force wife to a prior service Marine/Soldier, and an Air Force Reservist. I am a happy wife and mother. My husband switched branches and joined me in the Air Force Reserve. We look forward to a future of dual military service!