OTS: Arriving at the Dorms

So, what finally happens when you drag your stuff across the grass?  Fortunately, the good folks behind OTS have shared with you a number of videos on their Facebook page! 

Clad in PT gear, prepping my blues.
Each room has one set of bunk beds, one double bed, three tall skinny dressers pressed together, three desks with hutches, two small walk-in closets, two vanities, and one toilet/shower room.  At this point, it didn’t matter who slept in what bed, but there are position numbers to all of the furniture, so if you’re in a certain bed you’ll use a specific dresser, a specific closet, a specific towel bar, and so forth.  Pay attention to that dorm bible and set everything up as best as you can.

The day is not over yet, and the fun is just beginning!

14 thoughts on “OTS: Arriving at the Dorms

  1. Auniesaid

    You're so awesome. I'm so glad to see this morphing into a series… I know it's going to help so many OTS newbies!

  2. Robert Liedersaid

    Hey Arin I was wondering if you were going to do any new posts describing the experiences after you got to OTS?

  3. Erinsaid

    @Robert Lieder – That's the game plan. I know I've been lagging, but I'm down at tech school right now and my nightly readings have been pretty dense. Do you leave soon?

  4. Robert Liedersaid

    Haven't been accepted yet. I am submitting another package for the due date in September.Good luck at Tech School. I know that can be rough sometimes.

  5. Erinsaid

    @Robert Lieder – Fingers crossed for you and your package! Thanks for the well wishes. It's been pretty rigorous with the studying, I'll say that.

  6. Monica Carlosssaid

    Hey Erin. I am in the same situation you were in. I have a failed PT test and I wanted to apply for OTS again but throught will a failed test they would even consider me. What advice can you give. I retest next week and I am at my taping (only part I failed). Any advice would be great. Best of luck.

  7. Erinsaid

    @Monica Carloss – That's such a tough spot. Not knowing your scenario, I would be prepared to meet the board and explain your situation, how it has humbled/changed you, and how you've combatted the problem so it won't occur again. Then of course, knock this next one out of the park. Explain how it'll better you as a leader. If you're AD, it might be tougher than in my scenario. I failed after the board had approved my package. Keep at it though, and demonstrate that persistence! Good luck to you!

  8. Sonyasaid

    I just wanted to say yoru blog has been SO helpful! I'm going to BOT in January 2016 and am super nervous but it's great to have your blog so I can have an idea of what to expect. Thanks!

  9. Sonyasaid

    Also, I'm most worried about the runs. What pace do you recommend I aim for so that I don't struggle too bad at OTS (in general, not just for PT tests)? I'm currently at a 14 min 1.5 mile….. I know, I know, working on it :P. I've never been a runner and I hate running so it's a struggle.

  10. Erinsaid

    @Sonya – Thank you so much for your kind words! As for the run, I highly recommend running every other day if you can. If you're running on a quarter mile track, shoot for 2:15 min miles. If you can hold at that pace, you can run the entire thing in 13:30. That was the pace they had us do at BMT, so I always try to beat that as I'm doing my laps. Good luck to you!

  11. Unknownsaid

    Hi Erin, thanks for all the info so far. Are you able to use your phone during OTS at all? Ill be leaving an infant behind and would like to know if I can check in with the family at least weekly. Thanks again!

  12. Erinsaid

    @Unknown – Yes you are! I was able to call daily, as well as FaceTime. Just a heads up, you won't be able to do so until after the duty day, so it may conflict with your child's bedtime initially. Sundays were fair game though. Good luck to you! Never fun, but worth it in the long run.


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