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Goodbye, Google Reader!

If you’re a big blog reader, you’re already aware that Google Reader is disappearing as of tomorrow.  I think I’m in denial, as my main readers still utilize Google Reader.  All of that being said, AHE is good to go and ready for you to read on bloglovin’!  If you’re a slave to your smartphone (like I am), they also have an iPhone app for easy reading on the go…or in bed, or on the couch while nursing.  😉  See you there! Giveaway!

Ooh readers, do I have a fun one for you today!  I was recently contacted by Simply go onto their site and build their ribbon rack using the Rack Builder.  You can look under their branch and look up ribbons and badges using the names of the awards or pictures – perfect for those of us who are visual people.  Once you have their rack built, save it and select a product you’d like it printed on.  You could opt for a decal or license plate for their vehicle, or even a mug for their desk or morning coffee.

I really like what has to offer.  Their items are tasteful, understated, and classy ways to honor the service member in  your life.  Even in the short time that I’ve been in the Air Force Reserve, I’ve seen a number of members retire or be reassigned.  There’s so many gift giving opportunities that come your way in the military, it’s great to have options to celebrate the careers of those who have influenced yours.

One lucky winner will receive a $25 gift card to and free shipping on the item they purchase!
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Disclosure: I have been compensated for this post through a $25 gift card for a giveaway.  Regardless of this fact, all opinions are my own and are based upon my personal experience with the company.

Reader to Reader Advice

By simply reading this page, I can tell that you’re a person who is open to advice and recommendations from others.  Thank you for choosing me to be one of those people!  Clearly, I’m not the end all, be all of BMT advice, and there are hundreds of thousands of successful Airmen out there that are worthy of your attention.  I asked some of these individuals what advice they had to share with you!

On the AHE Facebook page, I posed the question, 

“What’s your best piece of advice for a future trainee?”    

Michaela – Don’t take things too seriously, it is not the end of the world when you make a mistake even though you might think it is at the time.

Kristine – Pack lots of underwear if you don’t wanna rock granny panties, bring a cellphone and calling card because you don’t always have enough outlets to charge your stuff.  You can rip your ABU top off instead of unbuttoning it!  I was a girl when I wanted to be and a man when you have to be.   Learn marching movements before hand so you don’t look dumb with your uncoordinated arm swing.

Ashley – Listen, do what you are told, pay attention to detail.  Your web belt/canteen will become your best friend – don’t forget it (forgot mine going to the mailbox and got a 341 pulled).  Move with a sense of urgency.  Once you have your clothing drawer perfect, DON’T touch it.

Erica – Don’t do the bare minimum (don’t just do enough to get by), do the best you can and if you get recognized for it then good.  Don’t be afraid to draw positive attention.  There are people sitting in med hold who would kill to be back in training so don’t take it for granted and do your very best.

Racheal – Get in shape before you get there.  You can’t mentally prepare.  Do what you’re told and strive to be the best.

Sabine – Shut up and color.  [Erin’s Note: I’m assuming she means that you shouldn’t question, and just trust the process. 🙂 ]

Charles – Like I told the kids at my unit’s DTF: when things get tough, remember why you joined and keep that in mind as you go through it.  Thousands have gone before you and have made it.  You can do it!  On a more direct note: keep your ears open and your mouth shut.

Bryan – Learn from the mistakes of others and take BMT one day at a time.

David – Your student leaders are in a position for a reason.  You are all the same but work as a cohesive team, not individually or in small groups!

Thank you to all of those who contributed!  Keep your eyes peeled on the Facebook page for future Reader to Reader prompts!  I just put up a new one today!

DH’s First Father’s Day

Review/Sponsored Post Disclaimer: Compensation for this post was provided by  for those deployed to show your appreciation for their service on the Mission: Care page.

Our family is no stranger to a tight budget, but with holidays it’s the little acts of love that get remembered the most, versus grandiose gifts.  DD is obviously too young to show her appreciation for her father, but fortunately for her, I’m more than willing to do so on her behalf.  😉  This first Father’s Day is a great time for me to express my thankfulness for a partner who has been by my side throughout the pregnancy and birthing process, both literally and figuratively.  When it came down to those critical moments and times of need, DD and I were always his top priority, and he’s taken amazing care of us ever since.

So, rather than purchase Daddy yet another firearm – let’s be honest, the man would love that for any holiday – DD and I will be focusing on the little things that remind him of how much we love him.  Biscuits and gravy for breakfast, without being prompted?  Check.  Uninterrupted time to watch a gory B movie on TV?  Why not!  Sleeping in and having plenty of family snuggle time?  His favorite!  Smiles aplenty from DD?  Melts his heart!  All of that goodness aside, I do like to give him at least one tangible item to open.  Being his first Father’s Day with us, anything that has DD’s mark on it is a perfect gift – a card with her handprint or footprint, a framed picture of the two of them, or even decking her out in an outfit proclaiming her love for Daddy.

As for me, I’ll be showing DH some TLC, which he’s gone without for the last ten weeks (of DD’s life).  With a newborn, chores to do, and meals to make, there’s not a lot left of me at the end of the day, which is tough when your husband’s love languages are physical touch and quality time.  That’s where Dove Men+Care comes in for our family this year.  Time for DH to take a couple minutes to pamper himself, before I finally give him that back rub he’s been requesting for weeks.

You can take care of your own hero this Father’s Day with a prize pack from Dove Men+Care!             

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