If you’re on time, you’re late…

If you’re 15 minutes early, you’re on time.
If you’re on time, you’re late.

We heard this philosophy of timeliness frequently at BMT and at tech school.  Sure enough, my super Air Force baby followed suit.  I had every intention of working that last UTA at 38 weeks and uploading one final photo for you of me in my maternity ABUs, but little miss had other plans.

On April 3rd, 2013, at 37 weeks and 3 days (18 days before her estimated due date), MAC made an early and timely entrance into this world.  She weighed 7 lbs, 2.2 oz, and measured 19.75″ long.  Thankfully I had been on top of most of my to-do list, so I wasn’t completely unprepared for her arrival.

She is already two weeks old (as of yesterday) and keeps me on my toes, to say the least.  My computer time has been very minimal and task-oriented – bill paying and so forth.  If you see me online, it’s typically because I’m typing one-handed on my iPhone while breast feeding.  Thank you for your patience if you’ve left me a comment or sent me an email.  The quickest way to get a hold of me these days is via Twitter or FB, if you have a burning question.  Otherwise, my biggest priority is all of 7 lbs and very demanding!

We are so very much in love with our little girl and I’m learning quickly about all that mothering a newborn entails.  It’s a hell of a learning curve, but we’re loving every minute of it.

I’m a 31 year old Navy sister, Army wife - Air Force wife to a prior service Marine/Soldier, and an Air Force Reservist. I am a happy wife and mother. My husband switched branches and joined me in the Air Force Reserve. We look forward to a future of dual military service!