Women in Combat – Weighing In

First All-Female Flight Crew, 1983 (Credit: AF Times)

Social media and the news have been a buzz these days with talks of The Honorable Leon E. Panetta’s [yes, that’s how you’ll refer to him at BMT] recent lifting of the ban on women in combat.  The controversy/conversation has been difficult to avoid even in my own home, as DH, a combat veteran of three branches now, has no problems sharing his opinion.

Me, I’ve been a little more quiet.  I understand the rationale behind the various arguments being thrown out there.  I self-identify as a feminist, but I try to do my research as I shape my position.  I believe in equal access and equal opportunity for all people, and the opportunity to prove one’s worth and merit.  I also recognize that I am new to the military and have never deployed.  I won’t claim to understand the emotional, physical, and mental demands of a combat environment.

What I do know and believe is this – when I tried to do something and others doubted me, it only motivated me further, to prove them wrong.  I surrounded myself by positive people who offered a support network and encouraged me to achieve my dreams.  I don’t set out to do anything half-assed.  Like they say, anything worth doing is worth doing well.  I gave 100% from the get-go and excelled as a result.  If you’re a woman who is passionate about serving on the front lines, by all means, go for it.  Everyone knows that road won’t be easy, the nay-sayers will be plentiful, and your fellow service members might not even support you.  If you’re up for those hurdles, then who am I to stand in your way of aiming high?  It goes against my personal philosophy to be unsupportive of anyone who is determined, passionate, and giving their all.  

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  1. Melsaid

    Good for you! That's a great viewpoint – not many people are that diplomatic (meaning, few admit that we don't have the actual experience to necessarily have an opinion beyond wanting to support a woman's right to achieve absolutely anything.) Which I do. I really, really do! 🙂


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