AF Form 2096

Air Force Form 2096, the Classification/On-The-Job Training Action form.  The magical document that pending my signature, my supervisor’s signature, my commander’s signature, and the signature of the chief of education and training means…

I’m officially a 5 skill-level Personnelist!

Yes, it’s official!  Today, Friday the 14th of September, is my big day!  It’s hard to believe that only a year ago I was returning home from BMT and tech school and in-processing into my base.  I’ve been in the operational Air Force for a full year at this point.  I’m proud of everything that I’ve accomplished in such a short period of time.  I’ve been motivated every step of the way, and that drive pays off today.  My seasoning training is done, all of my tasks have been mastered in my training record, and my time in training is complete.  I’m no longer an Apprentice, I’m a Journeyman.

I have much to learn, of course, but this is a big step in my military career and many more doors open as a result of me achieving this skill level (opportunities to volunteer for deployment or training at other bases, the chance to go to Airman Leader School once I’ve been in long enough).
Now that my five-level is on the books, the education and training office can put in my nomination for my CCAF degree, since I’ve completed all of the requirements and was just waiting on the award of my five-level.  I should be recognized with the rest of the graduates at the next Wing Commander’s Call, which I’m hoping DH will be home in time to witness. 

7 thoughts on “AF Form 2096

  1. Bikegirlsaid

    Woohoo!!! That is awesome! I really really envy your motivation 🙂 Mind you we are coming into summer in New Zealand so maybe I will find my motivation again!Keep up the inspiration!

  2. Erinsaid

    @Bikegirl – Thanks! I always try to stay motivated. Without it, I wouldn't get anything accomplished in my life. 🙂 Always pushing forward, always reaching for the next goal. So, curiosity question – are you in the AF down there, or did you just find me randomly? I appreciate you being here, regardless! Enjoy your summer!

  3. Erinsaid

    @Niki – Thanks, glad to have you here! I'm an AF wife too – we're both Reservists. He's at tech right now, since he cross-trained when he came over from the Army.

  4. Erinsaid

    @Nicolle – ALS is the course you need to take in order to promote to SSgt (E-5). You have to have a certain time in grade/service in order to attend. I'm not even eligible until I've been in the AF for 42 months. I would assume you also have to be chosen to go amongst your leadership.


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