The Numbers


12,400 calories burned while running at working out at the gym (since I got my Garmin).
2090 sit-ups (not including exhaustion tests or the sit-ups I did when I was working at the higher rate).
1696 pushups (not including at least three exhaustion tests).
120 days in the Delayed Entry Program (from enlistment until ship date).
71.25 miles ran.

All leading up to this day.  I’m 9.5 hours away from in-processing at Peterson AFB, from finding out my flight times, and from crossing into the blue!  That being said, I need to hurry up and get to bed!  I’ll try to update tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “The Numbers

  1. Erinnsaid

    well done with the numbers! Its so exciting that you are so close to starting a whole new part of your life. I wish you well!!–Erinn


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