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Party over here!

It’s just not a birthday any more without 50 Cent.  I absolutely love this mash-up.  Did I post this last year?  Probably!  Oh well, party on!


Other than that, nothing crazy today.  A boatload of coupons expire today, so I have a feeling we’ll be hitting the commissary.  Heading over to Trinnie’s later to chill and grub on some dip.  No sweets today, I’m feeling the savory!  I have a feeling we’ll be back home before midnight, since we’ve been crashing fairly early lately.  Doesn’t that sound wild and exciting?!  Well, that’s usually how my birthdays go, especially in my older years.  Time to go running around the house like a crazy person.


Giveaway Winner!

We have a winner!  I tried to stay up until 11:59 last night, but DH passed out and I figured I’d better go to sleep already, so I’m not a slug on my birthday.  I compiled a word document of all of the entries.  Three entrants were eliminated – one had tried to enter twice under two names/emails, the other didn’t “like” Shabby Apple on FB.  Core Values, folks – Integrity First!  Ok, that was your lecture for the morning.

The list ended up being exactly 31 entries, how ironic and appropriate!

I handed DH my computer, as

Congratulations Allison!  Allison is an AF spouse who blogs over at Allison Lee – check her out!

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters Ugh, Monday night, you’ve found me.  You know I have to be up at 0600 and go into work again tomorrow.  Well, it was a nice three day weekend.  Big week ahead of me!

1.  Christmas has come and gone.  I have mixed feelings, like my girl
2.  Christmas Eve on the other hand was amazing!  If you remember, I had volunteered to help out at

Source: !  Ends 12/30 at 11:59 PM!


Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  Winter Break is staying up late to bake, digital scrapbook, and then sleep in until 9-10ish…and not shower until around noon.  Some tweeps were even encouraging me not to shower.  I had two

2.  Happiness is USAA paying me a day early with my direct deposit, and a December paycheck that brings lots of extra hours from tutoring, and a “bonus” we got.  Haywee and I were both doing the happy dance.  I’ve been waiting on this bonus so I could renew our registration on three vehicles, and also spring for new Air Force plates for my vehicle!  Super excited for them, you don’t even know.  DH has the Army ones on his truck, so we look like a nice and confused household now.  🙂

3.  I had a few AF-related emails this morning.  The good news is that I get to go in to work tomorrow to help out in the office.  Our ART (Active Reserve Technician, a full-time position) asked if I wanted to come in and help out with some of the things we can’t get to during normal UTA weekends, and I gladly accepted.  The other news is that my CDC test was moved up a day, to the 29th.  Time to get studying!

4.  A friend of mine from tech school may join us for Christmas.  I really hope that she does.  She’s only stationed three hours away, and she’s not going home for the holidays until after Christmas.  Hopefully we get the word that she’s able to come down.  I would love to make her a stocking, buy her some gifties, bake her some treats, and just make her feel welcome (and loved)!

5.  This song came on the radio today, and I hadn’t heard it yet this season.  This is my kind of Christmas!  Oh, Mexico!     

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #66

Last MFF for the year!  I think I remember last year’s MFF skipping over my birthday, so I’m happy that this one has a New Year’s/NYE theme!  Head over to Wifey’s to go through the blog roll or to join in!

1.  One of my New Year’s resolutions is to continue training for my next running goal, a half marathon.  The winter is kicking my you-know-what right now, and throwing off my training schedule.  This is the first full winter I’ve been through, while trying to keep up with my running.  If the gym was closer, I’d go more often.  I need to start jump roping more, and I’m definitely planning to get out more during winter break.  I’ll go ahead and throw another goal in there – to finish my 5-level in a timely fashion and to start ALS [Airman Leader School, a requirement for my next promotion].

2.  One thing I’d like to happen next year is to pay off more debt and feel more stable financially.  I’m not asking for miracles, I’d just like to not freak out everytime I pay bills.  Heck, I’d really like to take a vacation too.  I’m not asking for anything ridiculously exotic, just a nice weekend away.

3.  One thing I’m looking forward to next year is my husband having a steady job.  The company he’s working for is really loving him and his work ethic.  I’m so thankful that he’s finally found a place that he enjoys working for and that appreciates him in return.  He has a normal, 9-5 type schedule, and he doesn’t have to work weekends.  I’m looking forward to our lives “normalizing,” whatever that entails.  😉

4.  One change I’d like to see next year is our finances.  You’ve heard that enough, but it’s true.  I’d like to be more comfortable.  I’d like to dine out with DH more often.  I’d like to get away for a weekend.  I’d like to reduce our expenses.  I’d like to have less debt.  I’d like to make smarter choices.

5.  My plans for NYE include not much!  Sure, it’s my birthday, but I don’t tend to do much in my “old age.”  When I was younger, I used to cough up the cash to go out drinking, dancing, to a show, etc, but paying extra because of the calendar date doesn’t jive with me anymore.  I shouldn’t have to pay out the nose to have a nice birthday dinner simply because it falls on NYE.  If I feel like eating out on my birthday, I typically go out for lunch and not dinner.  Last year we wanted to go to Rudy’s for BBQ but their water pipes broke and they were closed!  Couple that with a good sized snow storm and we ended up at Trinnie’s.  I think we may have gorged ourselves on appetizers and desserts, and played the Wii. 

Golden Birthday Giveaway!

[ is described as “gun metal multi-chain bracelet with gun metal charms and lobster clasp closure.”  Charms include, “clock, scissors, hour glass, cross, and various sized gun metal heart lockets.”

I love a good, loud, jangly charm bracelet!  It’s an attention-getter, and not for the shy, which is why they resonate with me.  I love the fact that this one is gun metal in color, which gives it dress-up/dress-down versatility.  As a bonus, how perfect would this be for Valentine’s Day?  I hope you love it as much as I do!

Contest Rules and Ways To Enter 

This contest will run through 12/30/11 at 11:59 PM, MST.

The winner will be chosen by the random number generator on  Entries are numbered in the order of comments.

The giveaway is open to US readers only.  [Sorry international friends!]

You may enter up to four times total, based on the methods below.  Please post a comment for each entry.

Entry #1 – Like Shabby Apple on FacebookThis is a mandatory entry! 

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Entry #4 – Check out the Shabby Apple website and link me to your favorite item!

Happy winning, everyone!  Hope you’ve enjoyed what I’ve picked out for you for my golden birthday!

Dual Military Photo Shoot


So, DH and I are finally taking our Christmas New Year’s card photos tomorrow!  We weren’t going to make a Christmas deadline, and I’m fine with doing something different and fun for the year.  I haven’t figured out which card from Shutterfly is going to be the winner, but it depends on how the photos from tomorrow turn out.  Isn’t this one fabulous though?!  If we have a good, single shot, I could see myself doing it.  I would love to do a collage of a few, but we’re going to be outside with big backdrops, so I don’t know how many extreme close-ups we’ll get.

The lovely and talented Randi of Hitchcock Photography will be taking our photos.  She’s a long-time friend and Colorado native, former milspouse (husband is prior service Army) and a teacher to boot!  I can’t wait to see what she’s able to accomplish with us tomorrow.

We’d decided to do a dual military photo shoot, him in ACUs, me in ABUs.  I decided [because really, we all know who coordinates these sorts of things] on taking photos at the Peterson Air and Space Museum.  They have a really nice airpark that will give us great backdrops for our photos.  I already have a couple of planes in mind, but I’ve never been to the park, so I’m open for other ideas.  Sadly, they don’t have a C-130H on display, which is the plane my unit flies.

What makes a dual military photo shoot different from a normal lovey-dovey couples shoot, besides the outfits?  Well…

  • No PDA while in uniform.  That means no kissing, hugging, arm around the shoulder, and no hand-holding photos.  Loving gazes and smiles, here we come!
  • No need to fuss with hair or makeup!  Hair has to be pulled back, not touching my collar, per regulation, and makeup has to be minimal.  Less stress for me! 
  • Extra holiday weight?  Not a problem, that ABU top will cover it up, no problem!  No need to suck in my stomach!
  • Cover up!  We’ll be outdoors, so a head covering is mandatory.  DH will be rocking the beret or PC (patrol cap), and I’ll be in my hat.

DH opted not for dressier uniforms – he hates his Class As – so ABUs and ACUs it is.  I haven’t taken a photo in full service dress since I’ve graduated BMT, so I wouldn’t have minded it.

I’m really excited for tomorrow, as you can imagine.  I would love an amazing, canvas-worthy shot for our walls, and I know Randi can deliver! 

New friends?

Ok Blogger, for a piece of social media, you’re not very friendly.  I used to be able to click on pictures of my followers and it would take me to their profiles, where I could see if they had their own blogs.  I like reciprocating – if you’re a blog writer, reading my blog, I’d like to check out your stuff too!  Apparently that’s not going to be an easy process anymore.

That being said, if you’re a newer reader/blog friend and you have your own blog, please leave me your link below, that way I may read and thank you!